Five steps to choosing the right Executive Coach


For many in business, the start of a new year means setting new goals. These might be strategic or specific to your business. But they could be more personal, connected with your career or professional development. Whatever your goal for the year, you could well be considering working with an Executive Coach to help keep you on track, give you support and to improve your chances of success. Good move! But how do you choose the best coach for you? Here are my top 5 tips to help you ensure you make the best possible investment.

Tip #1

Be clear about what you want to achieve through coaching. Are you able to articulate what you need help with or what outcomes you want to see as a result of your coaching? The more specific you are, the more successful your coaching will be. And, if you have a goal, you can seek out the Executive Coach who has the skills and experience to help you achieve it.

Tip #2

Ask around amongst friends and colleagues to see if they have worked with a coach and if there is someone they can recommend to you. A recommendation from someone you know and trust is always better than a Google search!

Tip #3

Look carefully at the profile of the person you are considering as an Executive Coach. Do they have relevant experience? How much practical experience do they have of business? How likely are they to understand your situation and the issues you are facing? An experienced coach is one thing, an experienced coach who has worked at the coal face is even better!

Tip #4

Look carefully at client testimonials. How recent are they?   Are they specific about how they benefited from coaching and what they particularly valued about their Coach’s approach.

Tip #4

When you think you have found an Executive Coach who fits the bill, ask for a meeting with them before you commit. Successful Executive Coaching depends on being comfortable with your coach and on there being a strong relationship of trust and respect between you. You will only know if the relationship will work by meeting them face-to-face.


Good luck!   If you are considering Executive Coaching you can contact Jeanette Purcell on 07946 385178 or

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