Personal Development

Developing and keeping your people is time consuming but essential.

Especially if you want to create the leaders of tomorrow.

We can help you with:

  • Personal Development, mentoring and coaching (one-to-one support)
  • Interpersonal skills development (e.g. communications, networking, team building, customer service)
  • Management development
  • Leadership skills
  • Senior Management Team Building

Can you recognise potential in your team?

Recruitment is a costly, labour intensive and unpredictable process for most businesses. Yet so often companies end up contemplating the prospect of external recruitment for senior level, management positions which could, with some forethought and planning, have been filled internally.

The advantages of identifying and promoting talent from within the business are numerous: you save on the cost of recruitment, you avoid the risk of taking on someone who is unknown to the company and its culture, you significantly reduce the time required for induction or ‘learning the ropes’ and, by promoting internally, you reduce the risk of losing good ambitious staff who might otherwise feel ‘stuck’ in their role. What’s more, when there is a clear need to recruit externally, an employer that can demonstrate its commitment to encouraging staff development and internal progression is much more attractive to potential recruits.

The reason given for not promoting internally is often that no one in the current team meets the requirements of the job. This may be the case, in which case external recruitment is the only option. However, a more proactive approach to staff development and engagement will help to seek out the talent and potential in your company that you probably didn’t realise was there.

Most people can think of instances when they or someone they know have been working away in a position which does not allow them the opportunity to shine or to demonstrate what they really have to offer. They may be in a job that doesn’t make the best use of their skills, they may be poorly managed and have not been encouraged to do more or take on new challenges. Whatever the reason, hidden potential can be unearthed by committing to a straightforward staff development programme. Of course, there is another benefit from adopting a proactive approach to developing your talent from within – it tends to show up those people in your team who are not cut out for promotion or who simply do not have the level of commitment you’re looking for. Dealing with these people is crucial and represents the other, less talked about, side of effective talent management.

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